Vinyl and Digital Printing

Digitally printed vinyl signage remains one of the most versatile formats for signs throughout the world. The ability to have a single set of source materials, including vinyls, inks, and printers, for both indoor and outdoor and both long-term and short-term applications makes printed vinyl a popular choice for a wide range of projects.

There are two main categories of Digital Printing: Solvent inks and materials, and Aqueous inks and materials. N. Glantz & Son carries a wide range of both Solvent and Aqueous printers, inks, media, coatings, overlaminates, and more.

Solvent Inks and Vinyl

Without a coating, aqueous inks are not weatherproof, so outdoor signage is typically printed with solvent or eco-solvent inks. These are high quality, durable inks that are the backbone of the vinyl printing industry. Solvent inks and printers can print directly onto vinyl, or you can use a receptive coating.

Solvent printers are generally faster than aqueous printers, more efficient, and have allow a higher weight media. They are also great for indoor applications, as solvent ink is typically less expensive than aqueous ink.

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Indoor Digitally Printed Signs

Projects that will be displayed indoors and are not subject to harsh sunlight or weather can often use Aqueous inks, and can be printed onto a medium other than vinyl, such as paper, cardboard, or canvas.

Aqueous printers and media can be less expensive, especially for smaller format and less frequent printing jobs. However, don't forget to account for any coatings you may need to make the project weatherproof, or to allow for printing directly onto vinyl.

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There are short-term and long-term inks and media available for both solvent and aqueous systems, and coatings and overlaminates are available to further increase the life expectancy, durability, weatherability, and smudge/scratch resistance.

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