Sign letters and accessories

Sign letters, including changeable copy letters, molded letters, and formed letters are the cornerstone of outdoor text signage. N. Glantz & Son stocks a wide range of sign letters and accessories to help with any outdoor text project.

Changeable Copy Letters and Changeable Letter Track

Many outdoor and indoor signs make use of standard 4”, 6” or 8” Changeable Copy Letters on tracks, whether it is on a stationary raised display or a more portable ground unit. These offer a versatile platform on which to advertise events, promotions, and specials.

Remember the importance of having a good set of spares and extra letters—nobody wants a sign with a red number 2 instead of a Z. Equally important is a reliable way to store the letters and numbers, and have the equipment to change the message quickly and easily. N. Glantz & Son carries a wide range of letters, numbers, and symbols, as well as pole suction cups, changeable copy track and other letter storage solutions.

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Custom Formed Letters

For a more permanent lettered display, we offer custom plastic letters in laser cut acrylic, formed plastic, or injection molded. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and fonts, we can create the perfect solution for your display text. Also available are illuminated letters, which can make your message stand out even more.


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Letter Mounting Accessories

We also stock mounting accessories to simplify installations, including threaded studs to thread into plastic letters, blocks, or mounting pads.

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Sign Letter Experts

The experts at N. Glantz & Son are available to help with any sign lettering questions, or to custom order formed letters. Contact Us Today to learn more.