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At Glantz, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality sign and graphics supplies, and sign and graphics materials, allowing you the ability to create amazing, high quality, durable signs and graphics products. Our dedication extends to educating and guiding our customers toward selecting the best signage product for specific sign jobs, projects, or applications.

When selecting a supplier for your sign and graphics supplies and sign making material needs, trust our team of professionals and our resources to guide you. We offer a wide range of durable and high quality sign and graphics supplies, including:

  • Vinyl sign products for use in a number of applications
  • Banner products and materials, including vinyl banner materials, pre-made banners and other banner equipment and products.
  • Illuminated signs and LED signs, including backlit sign products and LED sign products and supplies
  • Neon sign products, including neon tubing, GTO wiring and other signage products

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Vinyl signs are a classic sign material, made from an all-purpose synthetic medium that can be stretched or molded around almost any shape. With digitally printed vinyl signs, nearly any design can be produced, from car and boat wraps to window and wall signs. Using cut vinyl, you can achieve a bold, saturated look that can be applied to flat or curved surfaces. In addition to carrying a wide range of vinyl sign materials, Glantz also stocks various digital inks, masking supplies, and accessories, all to complement any type of vinyl sign project.


When designing banners, vinyl material is an extremely popular choice due to it’s strength, flexibility and durability. At Glantz, not only do we offer banner-ready printable material, but also ready-made banners, banner stands, banner mounting equipment, banner tools, general banner accessories and much more.


If you are working with an illuminated or LED sign project, Glantz has all the right products and materials necessary. LED Signs are the best option for backlit signs design as it greatly aides the visibility and impact of a sign. LED illuminated signs provide a high intensity light source behind a translucent material that helps draw attention to the sign. Using LED as the light source instead of traditional CFL, CCFL, Halogen, or even incandescent lighting can have a great impact on energy costs. Whether this is a box sign or a series of illuminated channel letters, Glantz has the products and supplies to complete any illuminated sign project.


Neon sign designs offer an alternate, classic sign look when compared to standard lighted sign options. Neon sign products can be used for variety of sign applications and in a wide range of sign types. With brightly colored lights and visible sharpness of the sign, neon signs are a perfect solution in making a message, logo, or slogan noticeable and unforgettable. With a large selection of neon sign products and materials including neon transformers, neon tubing, GTO wiring, and neon processing equipment, we can supply your business with any type of neon sign supplies.

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