Qwik Mod Lights from Principal LED

Channel letters have never been easier or more economical to light than with Quik Mod LED lights from Principal LED.

Principal LED has four versions of the Qwik Mod line available for different applications. Qwik Mod 1 is an excellent choice for small to medium channel letters, with 150 lumens per foot, more light diffusion, and a wider batwing than alternative lighting sources.

Qwik Mod 2 uses two cells for a brighter display at 150 lumens per foot, and Qwik Mod 3 uses three cells for 200 lumens per foot, both ideal for medium to large sized channel letters.

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Qwik Mod 4, with four light cells per mod, produces an industry leading 260 lumens per foot, capable of lighting the largest channel letters, light boxes, and backlit signs.

All Qwik Mod series lights are IP68 waterproof for indoor or outdoor applications, shine at 7100K color temperature, offer a low profile design, state of the art optical lenses for incredible light diffusion, and an industry-leading warranty.

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