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Paint and primers have been part of the signmaker's toolkit since the beginning. Today, technological advances allow for the largest gamut of brilliant colors in the history of the trade, unprecedented water and weather resistance, and adhesion to a wide range of substrates.


Traditionally, primers helped improve paint adhesion to the substrate and increased paint durability, all while adding further protection for the substrate material. While this holds true today, new primers have additional features to help the final painted project.

N. Glantz & Son carries a wide range of traditional primers, perfect for preparing substrates and surfaces. We also stock self-etching metal treatment surfacers, which etches metal surfaces to prepare them for outstanding paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. This has the added benefit of hiding substrate defects.


N. Glantz & Son also has an impressive supply of Paint and Paint Accessories. With Hundreds of colors across multiple finishes and sheens, we have the right paint for your sign project. Many colors are available in Satin, Gloss, Matte, or Metallic sheen.

We also carry paint accessories, such as accelerators and retarders to speed up or slow down the time it takes a primer to set, and finishers and overcoats to protect the project from weather, graffiti, and damage.

Need help selecting the proper primer, paint, or overcoat for a sign project? The experts at N. Glantz & Son can help. Contact us today.

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