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Over the years, neon signs have stood the test of time and continue to be very popular form of signage in the United States and across the world. Ever since the invention of neon tube signage technology in 1910, neon lighting signs continue to be an extremely viable and beautiful way of advertising businesses. Since their famous displays in Times Square in the 1920s, today’s neon lighted signs continue to be a cost effective and popular solution for business signage. Additionally, neon lighting products are used across other industries and applications with artists, architects and home designers.

Neon tube lighting signs are electric lighted signs lighted by a long luminous gas-discharge tube filled with rarefied neon gas. With the application of electrical voltage to the sealed gas, the tubes emit colored light. Neon signs are designed by bending glass tubing into desired shapes. The neon tube is made out of 4-5 feet straight sticks of hollow glass that can be assembled and designed into a custom signage product.

Neon tube signs can be designed in a wide range of colors depending on the color of the glass tube and composition of the gas filling. In addition to beautiful designs and unlimited design applications, neon glass lasts for year without the need for replacement.

At Glantz, we have been providing neon sign supplies and products to sign makers across the nation for decades. Our wide range of neon sign products includes everything you would need to make beautiful, functional and long lasting neon signs or designs. Our neon lighting products include wide range of transformers, electrodes, neon tubing, GTO wire products, neon components such as tubing supports, neon glass housings, neon transformers boxes, neon processing, sign controls and much more.

As a premier sign supply company we strive to always deliver quality products to our valued customers, with unbeatable value and customer service. If you’re in need of any type of neon lighting sign supplies or replacement products, think ofGlantz as your trusted partner in the signage business.

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