Neon and LED Transformers

Transformers form the heart of all luminous tube and LED-based lighting systems. A Transformer converts input voltage, typically mains 120V to 347V, either up to the 2,000VAC to 15,000VAC necessary to drive the luminous tube or down to 5V-24V DC to power LEDs. At N. Glantz & Son, we carry a large number of Neon and LED transformers and power supplies, ready for any lighting project.

Neon Transformers

Neon Transformers come in two basic varieties - electronic transformers and magnetic transformers. Magnetic neon transformers use the “typical” transformer model - an input current drives a coil around an iron core, which drives the output coil, which provides a stepped-up voltage as the output. Due to the nature of the coils and iron core, these devices tend to be large and heavy. However, they offer a very long lifespan, and can support a higher capacity and run at a higher operating temperature.

Electronic neon transformers change the frequency of the input voltage from the typical 50-60hz to around 20,000hz using switching electronics. This allows for a much smaller, albeit more complicated, design. These tend to be less expensive, but often have a shorter lifespan and are more sensitive to operating temperature than magnetic transformers.

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LED Transformers and Power Supplies

LED Transformers, frequently called LED Power Supplies, operate slightly differently than their neon counterparts. While neon transformers convert mains power into high voltage alternating current, LED transformers output 5-24 volts of direct current.

Available as indoor and outdoor rated units, LED power supplies are typically rather small, lightweight components that often have a lifespan of 25,000 to 50,000 hours.

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