Lamps and Lighting Sources

Lighted signs can bring a lot of attention to your message, but if one or all of the lamps are out, the attention may not all be positive. Make the most of your sign or lighting project by using N. Glantz & Son's high quality lamps from brand name suppliers such as Osram, Voltarc, and more.

Fluorescent Lamps

Easy to replace and economical to operate, Fluorescent Lamps remain one of the most popular lamp technologies for signs today. Available in High Output Tubes, T8 Lamps, slimline format, U Lamps, and as CFL bulbs, today's fluorescent lamps offer higher output, cooler operating temperatures, and a longer flicker-free life. These lamps offer a direct replacement for many lighting projects in use today.

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HID Lamps / High Energy Discharge

By producing light from an electric arc in a sealed gas tube, HID Lamps are able to produce a more intense, brighter light than fluorescent bulbs. These are frequently used in applications where brighter or more intense light is desired, such as lighting billboards, retail outlets, offices, arenas, service station canopies, or parking lots. The relatively small size compared with fluorescent lamps also allows for concealed placement.

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LED Lamps / Light Emitting Diode

In the last few years, LED technology has improved to make LED Lamps a viable, economic, and increasingly popular choice for a variety of lighting projects. LED Lamps come in multiple form factors, and are often direct replacements for Incandescent, Fluorescent, CFL, or HID lights. The technology's extremely long life spans, high energy efficiency, and accurate color are all leading to the rising popularity of LED Lamps.

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Lamp Accessories and More

At N. Glantz & Son, we also carry a complete line of lamp and lighting accessories, including Lamp Testers, HO/VHO Sockets, Slimline Sockets, Incandescent Sockets, U-Lamp Accessories, and more. Have questions about which lighting product is best for your sign or display project? Our lighting specialists are ready to help. Contact us today!