Flexible Sign Substrates

Sign Substrates are materials which hold the shape or form of a sign, provide a backing for support, or are the material on which the sign is printed. They come in two main types - Rigid Substrates and Flexible Substrates. At N. Glantz & Son, we stock a large collection of both Rigid and Flexible substrates for all types of sign, display, and graphics applications.

While Rigid substrates are used for sign faces that aren’t expected to move, Flexible Substrates are an excellent choice when the application may shift, twist, or deform due to wind, vibrations, or other factors, or where the substrate is stretched or hung over a frame.

Backlit Flexible Sign Substrates

Large, seamless backlit flexible substrate is perfect for large sign face applications where durability and uniform light transmission are important for the project. Typical uses include Backlit billboards, Illuminated and translucent storefront signs, and indoor illuminated projects.

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Awning Material

Awnings are built from a flexible, waterproof material which is typically mounted and secured to a frame. N. Glantz & Son carries a range of colorful, digitally printable awning material and fabric, as well as chemicals designed to protect and preserve the material.

Lately, a popular approach to creating lighted awnings is the use of eradicable substrates. By removing portions of the upper substrate and backlighting it from behind the surface, the substrate creates a mask and the removed (eradicated) areas remain translucent and glow.

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Flexible Substrate Specialists

With a wide variety of flexible substrates, it can be hard to choose the right material for any particular project. The experts at N. Glantz & Son are ready to help select the perfect substrate for any job. Contact us today to get started.