Channel Letter Supplies

Channel letters and dimensional letters are three-dimensional signage letters often used in exterior settings. They differ in that channel letters are internally lit, while dimensional letters are either unlit or externally lit. Many channel letters are either custom injected plastic, or sheet metal construction.

N. Glantz & Son carries a wide range of channel letter supplies and products, including aluminum sheet metal coil, raceway mounting track, and a diverse selection of lights in LED and fluorescent.

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Aluminum letter coil is available in thicknesses from 0.032” (20 gauge) and 0.125” (8 gauge), widths from 1” to 8”, and over a dozen colors. Aluminum is ideal for exterior applications, as it is weatherproof and will not rust.

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We also carry channel letter raceway and wireway for both containing the sign’s electrical components and to be used as a mounting surface. Available in multiple sizes, our raceway is constructed out of high quality, weatherproof aluminum.

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Have questions about which channel letter lights, materials, or supplies are the best fit for your project? The experts at N. Glantz & Son can help. Contact us today!