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Neon Sign Supplies play an important role for your business if you have neon sign. To power those neon signs one must use transformers to convert raw voltage into power. Also called Luminous Tube Transformers or Gaseous Tube Transformers, a Neon Sign Power Supply is a critical element to maintaining your Neon Signs. We feature many different voltages, shapes and sizes of transformers to power various sizes and styles of neon signs. Basically, Neon Sign Transformers control the output of voltage into to the neon tubes which in turn controls the intensity and illumination of your neon lights. Some neon power supplies features self adjusting transformers to provide the perfect amount of power to your neon signs.

Looking for neon sign supplies? We carry electrodes and neon tubing from EGL, Masonlite, Voltarc, Technolux and more. Plus, we offer many of the LED and neon power sources available on the market. Glantz has the supplies you need everyday, and the harder-to-find items too. We can help you search for or special order any products to meet your needs. We’re happy to help with your Neon Sign Supplies!

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Advantage Electrodes
•Heavier gauge, solid nickel
•Corrosion proof, seven-strand lead wires
•Thicker tubulation walls, 100/box


MerPlus Electrodes
•Accurate quantity of pure mercury
•Reduces risk of mercury contamination
•RF unit required to dispense mercury into tubing


Sign Mate Single Coat Tubing
•4 foot lengths
•Available in 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 18mm


Accuwall Tubing
•Coated with rare earth phosphors
•Fire polished ends, 10 lb cartons
•Available in 10, 12 and 15mm




•Durable, tear-resistant, fire and flame resistant
•Rated -58 degrees to +300 degrees F
•UL listed


Silicone Electrode Caps
•Choose for straight or doubleback
•Integral sleeving enclosure system
•100% silicone, will not fuse to electrode


Coated Color Tubes
•Fire polished ends
•Individually sealed, lead-free
•High quality phosphor coatings
•5' lengths available in 10, 12 and 15mm


Gas Cylinders
•12 liters of research grade rare gas
•Eurocom Manifold Systems compatible



Scott Fetzer Electric Group

Cross Hatch Paper
•1" square cross hatched Kraft paper
•38# rolls, 48" wide
•Approximately 330' length


Tie Wire
•22 gauge copper wire on plastic reels
•Easy dispensing


Peanut Housing
•1-5/16" panel opening, overall length 2-1/2"
•For use where space is restricted, 100/box


Transformer Boxes
•Top off, slide off and split can models



Standard Colors
•Coated sign tubing in 4' lengths
•Available in 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15mm
•25 lb./carton


Clear Glass Tubing
•4' lengths, 25 lb./carton
•Available in leaded and lead-free


Double-Coated Tubing
•Coated clear glass
•Scond coat of phosphors
•Use for borders and sweeping curves
•4' lengths, 25 lb./carton


Tri-Phosphor Starlight Tubing
•Blend of 3 rare earth phosphors
•High lumen output
•Superior lumen maintenance and color rendering


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